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Best Cenotes in Riviera Maya

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  • 31 Ene 2017
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There are literally thousands of Cenotes, or natural caves that are filled with fresh water, in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. These underwater sinkholes were are formed millions of years ago when limestone caves collapse, revealing underground pools.

The Riviera Maya is a destination famous for its beaches and ruins, but there is also an abundance of cenotes. These freshwater sinkholes are sacred to the Mayans, and offer a different way to spend a relaxing day in the area. Listed below are some of the more popular cenotes.

Cenote Dos Ojos

A tour of Cenote Dos Ojos is the perfect way to have an unforgettable scuba diving experience. Located just north of Tulum, it takes its name from the Spanish for “two eyes“, referring to the two connected sinkholes with a large cavern area between them. The underwater cave system is among the longest in the world, featuring very clear water and the deepest known cave passage in the state, “The Cenote Pit”, at almost 400 feet deep. One interesting feature of this cenote is a cave with a resident population of bats.

Gran Cenote

This spectacular cenote is located just a couple of miles from Tulum, and it’s one of the most well-known in the area. Perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving, this circular cenote is home to wonderful stalagmites and stalactites, as well as crystal-clear water. Featuring great natural light and a depth of approximately 30 feet, this is one cenote not to be missed during your next vacation in Tulum.

Cenote Calavera

This fantastic cenote is popular with first-time divers looking for a cave-diving certificate. Complete with impressive rock formations and crystal-clear water, it is a breathtaking place to enjoy a refreshing swim or a fascinating exploration below the surface. From inside you can look up to the ceiling and, with a little bit of imagination, see the holes that create the image of the skull (“calavera” in Spanish) that the cenote is named after.

Cenote Azul

Located near Tulum and Playa Del Carmen, there are no elaborate extras and no crowds at the open-air Cenote Azul, just local ambiance. It has the charm of an old theme park – you know there are bigger versions with snazzier facilities, but here you get the place almost to yourself.

Peering straight through the clean turquoise water reveals the tropical fish darting below: under the surface is a mysterious blue world for divers to explore. It’s an all-ages place where kids can dive off a mini cliff into the water, and the less physically fit can wade in smaller pools, meander along paths, or make smart remarks from the sidelines while nibbling on picnic snacks.

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